This article will present uses of Typescript Tuples for developers using React and Angular.

A is an array with special properties and considerations:

  • The number of elements of the array is fixed (aka immutable).
  • The type of the elements of the array need not be the same.
  • The type…

State Management

Applications often (a) need to share or reuse data and (b) have many events to change data. State management allows us to centralize data changes and control the insanity.

Developers often approach state management with reluctance, fear, and a naive understanding of when and how to use it.

… all this time you have been coding wrong!

Before I can show you HOW to implement Push-Based architectures, I need to first describe WHY Pull-Based solutions are flawed… and WHY Push-Based systems are better.

Most developers learn to program, code, and build software architectures using traditional Pull-based approaches. In…

Thomas Burleson

Solutions architect expert in NextJS, React and Angular solutions. Formerly a Principal Architect @ , Team Lead for Angular, Google.

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